Experience the tabletop dungeon crawl saga

No one has ever returned from Arkhaven, the mysterious sunken city from the age of stars. Once dignified, but now banished there, will you find redemption as you uncover the greatest secrets the world of Nydris has forgotten in this massive 100+ hours dungeon crawl campaign?

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Over 1500
art assets and counting

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No pen. No paper. No problem.

Gambit is a tabletop RPG board game that facilitates competitive play, character progression over a long campaign, extensive use of tiles and game pieces, and no need for pen and paper. Players choose how much they collaborate vs compete for treasure and fame while they adventure through a massive dungeon crawl.

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What is the Dreamstate?

Once a year people from all across the planet Nydris experience vivid dreams at the same time—during which a select few are endowed with magical abilities. They dream of the past, the future, and things hidden. This is known as the Dreamstate.

Thousands of years in our future, after scarcely surviving the migration and The Final Measure, humanity has mostly forgotten its history and technology, but having harnessed magic it now thrives again as it images its old ways in new forms.

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Evolve your character

Gambit uses an equipment-based and skill-based progression system. As you find loot tiles throughout the dungeon, you can assign them to equip squares, based on attributes, to improve your character.

Limited slots and variable sized items require players to make trade-offs and tetris their load outs as the game progresses.

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